July 28, 2018
A.C. Brase Arena
Cape Girardeau, Mo

  • CCW General Manager Lane Austin came to the ring to make an announcement, but was interrupted by Jeff O’Dell. Austin reminded O’Dell that he intends to take a more pro-active approach to management, and appoints a special referee for the Matheus vs. Joey O’Riley match: himself! O’Dell threatened Austin with violence and litigation if the match is not called down the middle.
  • O’Dell went on to announce that Dell Tucker was not cleared to wrestle Billy Hills, but that D’Mone Solavino would be taking his place.
  • “Farmer” Billy Hills (w/ C.J. Jordan) def. “The Nephilim” D’Mone Solavino (w/ Jeff O’Dell) via pinfall at 12:30.
    During the match, Hills and Solavino had a drinking contest. Referee C-Lo Banks also took a drink, which temporarily incapacitated him, allowing Solavino to spit alcohol in Hills’ face and work over his back with a steel chair.
    After the match, Hills announced that Matheus would be his next target from The Pinnacle.
  • CCW Women’s Champion Sarah Summers and Savanna Stone def. Marni Gras and Tootie Ramsey via pinfall at 9:20 in a tag team match.
  • Pure Openweight World Championship
    Matheus (C) (w/ Jeff O’Dell) def. Joey O’Riley via pinfall at 7:22 to retain.
    During the match, Billy Hills came to ringside to drive away an interfering Jeff O’Dell, but distracted O’Riley, giving Matheus an opening to hit a running knee for the win.
    After the match, O’Riley attacked Hills.
  • Triple Threat Elimination Match for the CCW Championship
    Marko Stunt def. Flip Gordon and Jacksyn Crowley (C) at 10:35 via pinfall to become the new CCW Champion.
    Gordon eliminated Crowley at 10:28 via pinfall. Stunt eliminated Gordon at 10:35 via pinfall.
  • CCW Tag Team Championship
    Roscoe Eat Lisa (C) def. K.C.’s Finest via pinfall at 14:25 to retain.
  • Submission Match
    Justin “The Juice” Smart def. Brandon Barbwire via submission at 8:31.
    Smart locked in a Boston Crab on Barbwire. As the hold was applied, R.V. ran to ringside and threw in a towel allegedly on behalf of Barbwire. Referee Kelly Blankenship called for the bell, awarding the match to Smart. Barbwire left ringside in a fury, storming after R.V.
  • Grudge Match
    Hollis Giroux (w/ Jeff O’Dell) def. “Dirty” Jake Dirden via pinfall at 10:18.
    During the match, Dirden intercepted a chain thrown into the ring by O’Dell. However, Giroux had knuckles hidden in his trunks. While Referee C-Lo Banks was admonishing O’Dell for the chain, Giroux nailed Dirden with the knuckles to win the match.
  • NWA World Heavyweight Championship
    “The National Treasure” Nick Aldis (C) def. “Best of the Best” Austin Lane via submission at 16:30 to retain.