July 27, 2019
A.C. Brase Arena
Cape Girardeau, Mo

  • CCW General Manager Jeff O’Dell came to ringside, but as he was running through the card for the evening, “Mr. 100” Seanán Young interrupted him, demanding that a member of House 100 be added to the Number One Contender’s match for the CCW Championship. O’Dell agreed.
  • Cape Girardeau Street Fight
    Dalton Anthony def. Heath Hatton via pinfall at 9:31.
    Mikey “The Big Margoogliack on Campus” served as special guest referee for the match, and showed considerable favoritism towards Anthony after Hatton claimed that Mikey wouldn’t be at the show and that the match would not be a street fight.
  • Venom def. “The Dreamchaser” Leo D. via pinfall at 4:55.
    Before the match, Leo D. announced that K.C.’s Finest is dead, and that it’s all about him from now on. He issued an open challenge to the back.
    Chris Slammer originally came out to answer the challenge, but “Farmer” Billy Hills came out to inform Slammer that his bloodwork with the Missouri Athletic Commission expired last month, and that he couldn’t wrestle. Venom instead answered the challenge.
  • “Farmer” Billy Hills and “The Chairman of AEW” Shawn Spears def. CCW Pure Openweight Champion/MWR Missouri Champion Hollis Giroux and “Best of the Best” Austin Lane via pinfall at 21:03 in a tag team match.
    Spears seemed reluctant to serve as Hills’ tag team partner throughout much of the match, and refused to compete in the drinking contest that broke out between the other three competitors. Eventually, Spears got fed up, drove a steel chair into Hills’ ribs, assaulted Giroux and Lane, and walked out on the match.
    Later, Giroux attempted to use a steel chair on Hills, but Hills scooped up Giroux, Giroux dropped the chair, and Hills powerslammed Giroux onto the chair for the win.
  • “Mr. 100” Seanán Young and Justin “The Juice” Smart def. “The Nephilim” D’Mone Solavino and “Dangerous” Donny Sixx via pinfall at 10:51 in a tag team match.
    During the match, Leo D. snuck to ringside with a baseball bat. Sixx chased Smart to the back, leaving it a one-on-one match between Young and Solavino. Leo D. snuck in the ring, low-blowed Solavino with the bat, and then laid him out with it as the referee was distracted. Young covered Solavino for the win and was then helped to the back by Leo D.
  • Fatal 5-Way match to determine the number-one contender to the CCW Championship
    “The One Man Militia” Matthew Justice def. “The Ace that Sets the Pace” Ace Hawkins, Dexter, “The Mad Viking” Matheus, and Brandon Barbwire via pinfall at 11:37.
    Before the match, Seanán Young introduced Justice as his mercenary entrant, and that if Justice won the match, he would be winning it for Young, who could then choose any member of House 100 as the #1 Contender.
    During the match, Joey O’Riley came to ringside and distracted Barbwire. O’Riley pulled a box of Lucky Charms out from under the ring, threw it over Barbwire, where it was caught by Hawkins. He smashed the box over Barbwire’s head, but then Justice speared and pinned Hawkins.
  • CCW Tag Team Championship
    The L.A. Hustlers (w/ Seanán Young) def. The Wise Church (Reno Diamond and Deacon Cash) (w/ Reverend Antwane Wise and Altar Boy JJ) (C) via pinfall at 13:05 to become the new CCW Tag Team Champions.
    Before the match, Antwane Wise announced that Deacon Cash had joined the Wise Church, and that he would be defending the Tag Team Championship with Reno Diamond.
    After the match, Jeff O’Dell came to ringside to congratulate the Hustlers on their win and to announce that their opponents at next month’s Caged Chaos 3 would be the original LAX, Homicide and Hernandez.
    Also after the match, The Wise Church expressed their dismay at Cash’s performance as Altar Boy JJ Codebreakered him.
  • CCW Championship
    Jacksyn Crowley (C) def. “Dirdy” Jake Dirden (w/ Seanán Young) via pinfall at 19:46 to retain the championship.
    After the match, Seanán Young reminded Crowley that House 100 has all the championships, and that next month, Crowley will face a House 100 member that will make him “know fear.”