July 29, 2017
A.C. Brase Arena
Cape Girardeau, Mo

  • During the event, The Pinnacle held a birthday party for Marko Stunt at his merchandise table.
  • “Farmer” Billy Hills (w/ Jeff O’Dell) def. Brandon “Espy” Espinosa via roll-up at 4:44.
    Before the match, Espinosa was attacked from behind by Matheus and Dell Tucker before he could enter the ring.
    During the match, D’Mone came to ringside and jumped on the ring apron, distracting both Espinosa and referee Kelly Blankenship to give Hills an opening to roll up Espinosa for the win.
  • CCW Tag Team Championship
    The L.A. Hustlers def. Team Sexy Blaster (C) via pinfall at 13:46 to become the new CCW Tag Team Champions.
  • Roscoe Eat Lisa def. MWR Missouri Champion Ace Hawkins and Dexter Roswell via pinfall at 7:10 in a tag team match.
    During the match, Syn appeared in the entryway, drawing Hawkins out of the ring, allowing Roscoe Eat Lisa to double-team Roswell for the win. Syn’s face was badly bruised from Hawkins’ attack on him at CCW Inferno on June 24.
    After the match, Syn came to the ring and stared down a visibly shaken Ace Hawkins.
  • CCW Women’s Champion Marni Gras and The INKredible Tatt2 def. Nikki Lane and Marko Stunt (w/ Jeff O’Dell and “Sweet” Sarah Summers) via pinfall at 14:23 in an intergender tag team match.
    Before the match, Marni Gras introduced Diamond Doll as her team’s surprise corner person.
    During the match, as Nikki Lane ascended to the top rope, Sarah Summers accidentally bumped the ropes, knocking Lane off, giving Marni Gras an opening to secure the win for her team.
    After the match, Lane beat down Summers, and The Pinnacle left her laying in the middle of the ring. Summers left the ring to an ovation from the CCW fans.
  • Jason Vaughn def. CCW General Manager Osby Tomlin and Justin “The Juice” Smart (w/ J.D. Wilk) via pinfall at 11:26 in a 2-on-1 handicap match to be officially reinstated to CCW.
  • “The Best of the Best” Austin Lane def. Dell Tucker (w/ Jeff O’Dell) via submission at 19:50 to become the Number-One Contender to the CCW Championship.
    Before the match, Lane introduced Psycho as his surprise corner man.
    During the match, Lane suffered an ankle injury, but was able to continue.
    During the match, Psycho chased an interfering Jeff O’Dell away from the ringside area with a fork.
  • Brandon Barbwire and Billy Gunn def. Matheus and CCW Champion Hollis Giroux (w/ Jeff O’Dell) via pinfall at 12:08 in a tag team match.
    After the match, Billy Hills came to the ring and attacked Gunn and Barbwire. Austin Lane then rushed the ring to even the odds. Lane, Barbwire, and Gunn cleared the ring of The Pinnacle. Lane announced that at CCW Homecoming II on August 26, he would face Giroux for the CCW Championship in CCW’s first-ever ladder match.