September 30, 2017
A.C. Brase Arena
Cape Girardeau, Mo

  • MWR Missouri Championship:
    Ace Hawkins (C) (w/ J.D. Wilk and Cody Wilson) def. Mikey McFinnegan via pinfall at 8:34.
    During the match, Wilk and Wilson interfered on Hawkins’ behalf on multiple occasions. Later, Jeff O’Dell appeared in the entryway with a microphone and taunted McFinnegan. McFinnegan left the ring to chase O’Dell off, but as he re-entered the ring, Hawkins kicked the middle rope into McFinnegan’s groin. Hawkins got a 3-count when both Wilk and Wilson held McFinnegan’s legs from outside the ring.
  • Nikki Lane and Marko Stunt (w/ Jeff O’Dell) defeated CCW Women’s Champion Marni Gras and “Sweet” Sarah Summers via pinfall at 10:04 in an intergender tag team match.
    After the match, Stunt escaped with the CCW Women’s Championship, prompting Marni Gras to chase after him while Lane beat down Summers in the ring. “Farmer” Billy Hills came to the ring to stop Lane and appear to come to Summers’ aid. As Hills comforted Summers, he picked her up and powerslammed her, leaving with The Pinnacle and leaving the CCW fans disgusted.
  • The Crowleys (Jacksyn and Otis) def. J.D. Wilk and “The” Cody Wilson at 15:45 in a casket match when Wilk was placed in the casket and the lid was shut.
    During the match, Ace Hawkins came to ringside to pull Wilson out of the casket. Hawkins and Wilson left the ringside area, leaving Wilk to face the Crowleys alone.
  • Justin “The Juice” Smart and CCW General Manager Osby Tomlin (w/ Bodyguard Robert) def. K.C.’s Finest (Phoenix, Aaron Clay, and Leo D.) via pinfall at 13:24 in a 2-on-3 handicap tag team match.
    During the match, Tomlin hit Leo D. with the Lariat and covered him, but Tomlin was not the legal man. Tomlin, Smart, and Robert coerced referee Lane Austin into making the 3-count, anyway, since Tomlin is the boss. Austin left the ring visibly upset and conflicted.
  • Triple Threat Match for the vacant CCW Tag Team Championship
    Farmer and the Dell (w/ Jeff O’Dell and Bagboy Courtney) def. The Sexy Blasters and The L.A. Hustlers via pinfall at 11:10 to become the new CCW Tag Team Champions.
    After the match, the entire Pinnacle swarmed the ring to congratulate Farmer and the Dell and to beat down the Sexy Blasters and the Hustlers. “The Monster” Abyss appeared on the CCW-Tron and announced he is coming for Matheus at CCW Hardcore Halloween on October 21 in Sikeston, Missouri. Pinnacle continued the beatdown until CCW GM Osby Tomlin threatened the entire group with suspension if they did not leave the ring. Later, Sexy Sarge and the Hustlers called a truce and helped Blaster out of the ring together.
  • Brandon Barbwire def. Matheus (w/ Jeff O’Dell) via submission at 12:08 in a Leather Strap Match. Barbwire applied a strap-assisted crossface, and Matheus’ arm fell three times when checked by referee Lane Austin.
    Before the match, Barbwire reminded O’Dell that as a result of his actions last month, he would be handcuffed to a man of Barbwire’s choosing. Barbwire chose Mikey McFinnegan, whom O’Dell cost a match earlier in the evening.
  • TLC Match for the CCW Championship
    “Best of the Best” Austin Lane (C) def. Hollis Giroux (w/ Jeff O’Dell) via pinfall at 18:19 after putting Giroux through a table from the top rope.
    After the match, CCW GM Osby Tomlin congratulated Lane on his victory, then announced his opponent on October 21 would be “Farmer” Billy Hills.