September 28, 2019
Charleston High School
Charleston, Mo

  • CCW General Manager Jeff O’Dell introduced the nights special Master of Ceremonies, Marko Stunt! Stunt’s first decision for the night is to insert Papa Stunt at the night’s ring announcer.
  • “Best of the Best” Austin Lane def. Ace Hawkins and Blake Christian via pinfall at 13:47 in a Triple Threat match.
  • “Dangerous” Donny Sixx vs. Justin “The Juice” Smart in a Lumberjack match ended at 12:00 in a time limit draw.
  • CCW Women’s Championship
    “Trending” Trent Daniels (w/ Jay Moore) def. “The Little Blue Dragon” Seishin (C) via pinfall at 5:05 to become the new CCW Women’s Champion.
    Before the match, Daniels cut a scathing promo on the CCW fans, and introduced his manager, Jay Moore.
    Daniels put his feet on the ropes for leverage to score the pinfall.
  • Joey O’Riley and Venom def. Brandon Barbwire and Dexter via pinfall at 13:39 in a “Loser Eats Dog Food” tag team match.
    After the match, O’Riley fed the dog food to Barbwire by dumping the dog food on a school lunch tray and giving Barbwire a Fameasser into the tray. Meanwhile, Venom blasted Dexter with O’Riley’s box of Lucky Charms.
  • CCW Tag Team Championship
    The L.A. Hustlers (C) (w/ “Mr. 100” Seanán Young) def. Logan Stunt and Ryzer via pinfall at 9:13 to retain the championship.
    During the match, the King’s Court (Addison Caine and Gage Roberts) appeared in the crowd to antagonize the Hustlers.
    After the match, the Hustlers and the King’s Court repeatedly almost came to blows until Jeff O’Dell intervened and revealed that the King’s Court are the newest members of the CCW roster, and that they will meet the Hustlers for the CCW Tag Team Championship at CCW Red Devil’s Revenge 4 on October 12 in Chaffee, Missouri.
  • Norman Meklakov def. Aaron Clay, Calvin Aldridge, and J.J. Walker via submission at 7:11 in a Fatal Four Way match.
    Meklakov applied a full nelson to Aldridge. The match was stopped when Aldridge’s arm dropped three times.
    After the match, Meklakov initially wouldn’t release the hold on Aldridge. When Clay came to Aldridge’s aid, Meklakov put the full nelson on Clay, as well. Ace Hawkins eventually made the save and drove away Meklakov.
  • Rey Fury and Dalton Anthony def. Hollis Giroux (w/ Seanán Young) via double pinfall at 9:27.
    Before the match, Giroux gloated over injuring Anthony during a parking lot altercation earlier in the week. Fury was set to replace Anthony in a singles match against Giroux. However, Anthony limped to the ring with a doctor’s note clearing him for competition. CCW fans chanted for a Triple Threat match, so Marko Stunt came to ringside to make it a Triple Threat.
    During the match, Giroux attempted to bail, but Cash Borden shockingly appeared in the entryway and threw Giroux back in the ring.
  • Dog Collar Match for the CCW Championship
    Jacksyn Crowley def. Otis Crowley (C) (w/ Seanán Young) via disqualification at 10:53. Otis Crowley retains the championship.
    Before the match, a big brawl broke out on the outside before the dog collars could even be put on.
    Austin Lane disrupted a pin attempt by Jacksyn Crowley during the match to draw the disqualification.
    After the match, House 100 came to the ring and beat down Crowley, as well as an intervening Blake Christian and Logan Stunt. Finally, Marko Stunt charged the ring and turned the tide, then made an impromptu 8-man tag team match.
  • Marko Stunt, Logan Stunt, Blake Christian, and Jacksyn Crowley def. the L.A. Hustlers, Austin Lane, and Seanán Young via pinfall at 0:19.
    Hollis Giroux attempted to break up the pin, but received a quadruple superkick for his troubles.