January 12, 2019
Charleston High School
Charleston, Mo

  • Asa Gray conducted an in-ring interview with former CCW Champion Marko Stunt. Stunt discussed his injury, recapped the move that broke his leg, and said that his timeframe for return was 4-6 months, barring any complications. When asked for his thoughts on the upcoming tournament to crown a new CCW Champion at New Year’s Chaos on January 26 in Cape Girardeau, Stunt said he wants Jacksyn Crowley to win so they can have another Match of the Year with the championship on the line.
    Stunt was interrupted by Joey O’Riley, who ran down Stunt and kicked a crutch and his leg out from under him. Jacksyn Crowley then came to the ring and drove O’Riley out.
    CCW General Manager Jeff O’Dell came out next, admonishing O’Riley for attacking an injured man and running from a healthy one. O’Dell moved the semi-main event of O’Riley vs. Crowley to the opening match.
  • Jacksyn Crowley (w/ Marko Stunt) def. Joey O’Riley via pinfall at 12:08.
  • The L.A. Hustlers (w/ Seanán Young) def. K.C.’s Finest via pinfall at 9:45 in a tag team match.
    K.C.’s Finest appeared to win when Leo D. scored a pinfall on Bradley Diggs, but Diggs’s foot was under the ropes. Referee Jerry Looney restarted the match, but while he was relaying the decision to ring announcer Papa Stunt, the Hustlers finished off the Finest behind his back and scored the win as soon as the match restarted.
  • Pure Openweight World Championship
    “Farmer” Billy Hills (c) def. Hollis Giroux (w/ Seanán Young) via pinfall at 7:23 to retain the championship.
    Hills overcame attempted interference from the L.A. Hustlers and rolled up Giroux for the win.
    After the match, Giroux and the Hustlers beat down Hills. Jeff O’Dell came to ringside and threatened them with 30-day suspensions if they did not stop. Giroux agreed to stop, but answered Hills’s open challenge for the championship at New Year’s Chaos on January 26 in Cape Girardeau.
  • Derrick “By God” King def. Kenny Alfonso and “Trending” Trent Daniels via pinfall at 7:16 in a triple threat match.
  • Triple Threat Match for the CCW Women’s Championship
    “The Little Blue Dragon” Seishin def. Mother Marni and “#Summertime” Sarah Summers (c) via pinfall at 7:50 to become the new CCW Women’s Champion.
    After the match, Summers reluctantly presented the championship to Seishin and raised her arm.
  • Before the main event, Jeff O’Dell came to the ring and announced that, since Seanán Young would be accompanying Justin Smart to the ring, Charleston football star Tyler Meeks would be in Dalton Anthony’s corner.
  • Dalton Anthony (w/ Tyler Meeks) def. Justin “The Juice” Smart (w/ Seanán Young) via pinfall at 8:40 in a grudge match.
    Brandon Barbwire served as the special guest referee.
    Before the match even started, Barbwire threw Young out of the arena for egging on the good people of Charleston.
    Later, Young reappared in the entryway to distract Barbwire. Smart pulled a chair out from under the ring and planned to use it on Anthony, but Barbwire yanked the chair away from him. Anthony snuck up behind Smart and rolled him up for the win.