October 27, 2018
Shawnee Park Center
Cape Girardeau, Mo

  • Joey O’Riley def. Rey Fury via pinfall at 11:13.
    Before the match, O’Riley berated the CCW fans for not showing him the respect he felt he deserves, and went on to say that Fury would be embarrassed in his debut.
    O’Riley rolled up Fury and pulled his tights for the win.
  • CCW Tag Team Championship
    The Wise Church (C) def. K.C.’s Finest via pinfall at 8:35 to retain the Championship.
    Before the match, Antoine Wise told the CCW fans that the Church gets a bad name, in spite of its good deeds, such as coming back to Cape Girardeau, which is charity all on its own.
  • Justin “The Juice” Smart def. Barackus (w/ Brandon Barbwire) via pinfall at 3:42.
    Barbwire addressed the CCW fans, saying that he was in Barackus’s corner because staying involved is the best way to piss Smart off.
    Smart rolled up Barackus and put his feet on the ropes for leverage for the win.
  • Pure Openweight World Championship
    “Farmer” Billy Hills def. Hollis Giroux (C, substitution for Matheus) (w/ Jeff O’Dell) via pinfall at 11:01 to become the new Pure Openweight World Champion.
    Mad Man Pondo served as Special Guest Enforcer for the match.
    During the match, Giroux attempted to hit Hills with a steel chair, but Hills countered with a kick and took the chair. Before Hills could hit Giroux with the chair, Pondo took the chair from Hills and told him to use his stop sign, instead. Hills used the sign and a powerslam to finish off Giroux.
    After the match, Giroux fired Jeff O’Dell and introduced his new manager, Seanán Young. Young told O’Dell that he has been a plague in CCW for two-and-a-half years, but now that Giroux is with Young, The Pinnacle is officially dead. O’Dell told Young that he’s barely been in the business and knows nothing, and pleaded with Giroux to come with him. However, Giroux’s mind was made up, and he left the ring with Young.
  • MWR Missouri Heavyweight Championship
    Karim Brigante (C) def. “Mega” Chris Jones via pinfall at 9:34 to retain the Championship.
  • Brandon “Espy” Espinosa and Dexter Roswell def. “The Ace That Sets the Pace” Ace Hawkins and Jacksyn Crowley via pinfall at 19:06 in a tag team match.
    Deep into a hard-fought match, Espinosa tried to spit mist in Crowley’s face, but Crowley ducked, and the mist hit Referee Kelly Blankenship, instead. While Blankenship was out of action, the hooded figure in the pig mask that has been dogging Crowley and accompanying Espinosa for months came to ringside and got on the ring apron. Crowley removed the hood and unmasked the figure, revealing Marni Gras. Marni Gras shed her robe and spit mist into Crowley’s face, setting up Espinosa and Roswell for a double-team maneuver for the win. Marni Gras left with Espinosa and Roswell.
  • Referee/CCW General Manager Lane Austin addressed the crowd to inform them that he was stepping away from his role as General Manager. However, earlier in the night, Austin appointed a new General Manager: Jeff O’Dell! O’Dell came to the ring, explained to the crowd that since he found himself unemployed roughly an hour prior, and since he has much experience in the professional wrestling front office, Austin thought he would be an ideal fit for the job, even though the two of them have not seen eye-to-eye in the past.
  • No Disqualification, No Time Limit, No Holds Barred Match for the CCW Championship
    “Mr. Fun Size” Marko Stunt (C) def. “Best of the Best” Austin Lane (w/ Seanán Young) via pinfall at 21:53 to retain the Championship.
    The match saw a number of twists and turns, including a failed attempt by Marko’s father to talk Lane out of package piledriving Stunt through a table on the floor from the ring apron, Young breaking up a pinfall attempt by Stunt, and Dalton Anthony low-blowing Lane. Anthony later attempted to hit Lane with the CCW Championship belt, but Lane ducked and Anthony accidentally hit Stunt, instead. Finally, Stunt successfully put together a tilt-a-whirl codebreaker and 450˚ splash combination for the win.
  • Jeff O’Dell announced the main event for the November 24 Knock-Out November 3 show in Delta: Seanán Young’s newest acquisition, Hollis Giroux, and a partner of his choosing in a tag team match between “Farmer” Billy Hills and CCW Champion Marko Stunt.