October 19, 2019
Osage Centre
Cape Girardeau, Mo

  • CCW General Manager Jeff O’Dell introduced the show and gave the fans a rundown on the night’s card.
  • “The Nephilim” D’Mone Solavino def. CCW “Men’s Champion” “Trending” Trent Daniels via submission at 9:00.
    Before the match, Daniels tried to explain that he was wrongfully accused when he was forced to leave CCW Red Devil’s Revenge 4 in the back of a police car, but he was interruped by Solavino.
  • “Dangerous” Donny Sixx def. Justin “The Juice” Smart via submission at 12:22 in a submission match.
    After the match, Sixx offered a handshake to Smart. Smart accepted, then spit in Sixx’s face before leaving the ring.
  • CCW Tag Team Championship
    The L.A. Hustlers (C) (w/ “Mr. 100” Seanán Young) def. The Mega Brothers (“Slammermania” Chris Slammer and “Macho Man” Dalton Anthony) via pinfall at 8:00 to retain the championship.
  • Jeff O’Dell came to the ring to explain that “Farmer” Billy Hills retired, that the CCW Pure Openweight Championship was left vacant by Hills’ retirement, and that a 4-way ladder match would determine the new champion. Hollis Giroux came to the ring, claimed the title as his own, and explained that the Pure Openweight Championship is for fighters and shouldn’t be on the line in a ladder match. O’Dell told Giroux that if he didn’t want to compete in the match, stand-by wrestlers were ready to take his place. Giroux took a seat at ringside to observe and heckle the competitors.
  • Fatal 4-Way Ladder Match for the CCW Pure Openweight Championship
    Brandon Barbwire def. Brandon “Espy” Espinosa, Dexter, Cash Borden, and Hollis Giroux at 8:24 by climbing the ladder and retrieving the championship. Barbwire is the new CCW Pure Openweight Championship.
    Giroux joined the match two minutes and thirty seconds into the action.
  • Ryzer and Mikey! def. K.C.’s Realest (Aaron Clay and Calvin Aldridge) and J.J. Walker via submission at 12:48 in a handicap match.
    Ryzer was supposed to face Austin Lane in a singles match, but Lane was unable to compete. Before the match, Jeff O’Dell told Ryzer that the other stand-by wrestler left, and he had no choice but to give him the night off. O’Dell was then interrupted by K.C.’s Realest and Walker, who claimed that one of them should have gotten the opportunity against Lane. They turned their attention to Ryzer and beat him down 3-on-1, but Mikey came to Ryzer’s aid, and an impromptu 3 vs. 2 handicap match was made.
  • Extreme Rules Match for the CCW Championship
    Otis Crowley (C) (w/ Seanán Young) def. Jacksyn Crowley (w/ Raven) via pinfall at 11:07.
    During the match, the L.A. Hustlers attempted to interfere on Otis Crowley’s behalf, but were driven away by Raven. Meanwhile, Young hit Jacksyn Crowley with the title, allowing Otis Crowley to score the pinfall.
    After the match, Jacksyn Crowley feigned joining House 100, but when Young turned his back, Jacksyn blasted him with a steel chair. With Young laid out on the mat, Jacksyn assaulted him with a barrage of chair shots, and finally ended the attack by hitting him in the head with a baseball bat.