August 26, 2017
A.C. Brase Arena
Cape Girardeau, Mo

  • Matheus (w/ Jeff O’Dell) def. Brandon Barbwire in a Last Man Standing match at 12:54 when Barbwire could not answer the 10-count.
    During the match, O’Dell smothered Barbwire with what appeared to be a cloth soaked in chloroform, disorienting Barbwire and giving Matheus a distinct advantage for the remainder of the bout.
  • Brandon “Espy” Espinosa def. “The Nephilim” D’Mone Solavino (w/ Jeff O’Dell) via pinfall at 9:35.
    Before the match, Solavino disparaged Espinosa, claiming he was not a challenge and that the man he really wanted to wrestle was “KLD” Kevin Lee Davidson, but that CCW executives would not give him the match. Solavino gave Espinosa to the count of 10 to leave the ring. Espinosa feigned leaving before attacking Solavino before the bell.
  • MWR Missouri Champion “The” Ace Hawkins, Dexter Roswell, and J.D. Wilk def. “The INKcredible” Tatt2, “The” Cody Wilson, and Jacksyn Crowley via pinfall at 9:44 in a 6-man tag team match.
    During the match, Wilson turned on his team when he delivered a superkick to Crowley.
    After the match, Hawkins, Roswell, Wilk, and Wilson beat down Crowley in the middle of the ring. The lights dimmed, and a mystery man in a bloody hospital gown and a pig mask came to the ring to save Crowley, laying out Roswell. Crowley and the masked man returned to the locker room area, with Crowley carrying an incapacitated Roswell over his shoulder.
  • Justin “The Juice” Smart (w/ CCW General Manager Osby Tomlin and Bodyguard Robert) def. Jason “The Fury” Vaughn via pinfall at 11:47.
    Per stipulation, because Vaughn lost the match, he must become Tomlin’s assistant.
    During the match, Bodyguard Robert distracted referee Kelly Blankenship, giving Tomlin an opening to hit Vaughn with a lariat, securing the win for Smart. Tomlin and his entourage goaded Vaughn on as he crawled back to the locker room area.
  • CCW Tag Team Championship
    Blaster and Aaron Clay def. Bradley and Dell Tucker (C) (w/ Lamonte) via pinfall at 11:47 to become the new CCW Tag Team Champions.
    Aaron Clay substituted for “Sexy” Sarge O’Riley and Dell Tucker substituted for Lamonte, both of whom could not compete due to injuries.
    During the match, dissention arose between Bradley and Tucker, leading to Tucker superkicking Bradley. Blaster pinned Bradley for the win. After the match, Jeff O’Dell came to ringside to seemingly congratulate Tucker, indicating Tucker may have intentionally cost the Hustlers the Championship.
  • Marko Stunt (w/ Jeff O’Dell) def. Mikey McFinnegan via pinfall at 10:05.
    During the match, as McFinnegan attempted to superplex Stunt, O’Dell held on to Stunt’s feet, causing McFinnegan to fall back to the mat, giving Stunt an opening to hit a 450 Splash for the win.
  • “Sweet” Sarah Summers def. “Too Hot” Nikki Lane (w/ Jeff O’Dell) via disqualification at 5:24.
    During the match, O’Dell slipped Lane a chain. Lane hit Summers with the chain off the top rope, drawing the disqualification.
  • Global Force Wrestling Grand Championship
    “EC3” Ethan Carter III (C) def. “Farmer” Billy Hills (w/ Jeff O’Dell and The Pinnacle) via pinfall at 11:55.
    During the match, Dell Tucker tripped Carter. Referee C-Lo Banks threw out all members of The Pinnacle at ringside except for O’Dell.
    Billy Hills was injured during the match. After the bout, members of The Pinnacle came to ringside to help Hills back to the locker room area with applause from the CCW fans.
  • CCW Championship
    “Best of the Best” Austin Lane def. Hollis Giroux (C) (w/ Jeff O’Dell) in a Ladder Match at 17:59 to become the new CCW Champion.
    Austin Lane brought a large box of steel chairs on a cart to ringside with him. During the match, Matheus came to ringside to assist Giroux. Shortly after, Brandon Barbwire emerged from the box of chairs to pull Giroux off the ladder. Barbwire delivered a Uranage slam to Giroux, then held off Matheus with a steel chair.
    Lane and Giroux pulled the CCW Championship down at the same time. After a brief tug-of-war, Lane pulled the belt away from Giroux to become the new champion.