August 25, 2018
A.C. Brase Arena
Cape Girardeau, Mo

  • CCW Tag Team Championship
    The Wise Church def. Roscoe Eat Lisa (C) via pinfall at 9:57 to become the new CCW Tag Team Champions.
    Before the match, The Wise Church prosthelytized to the CCW fans and threatened to raise an offering.
    During the match, Mikey was shoved into the turnbuckles while Zack was on the top rope, causing Zack to fall, allowing Antoine Wise to roll him up with his feet on the ropes for the victory.
  • The scheduled CCW Women’s Championship match did not take place because Sarah Summers was attacked in the back. Savanna Stone came to the ring and called out Marni Gras for taking her opportunity at the title away from her. Marni Gras answered the challenge, and an impromptu match was made.
    Marni Gras def. Savanna Stone via pinfall at 5:46.
    Marni poked Stone in the eyes and rolled her up for a 3-count.
  • The scheduled Falls Count Anywhere match between Justin “The Juice” Smart and Brandon Barbwire did not take place. Before the match could begin, Barbwire announced he could not compete and will be taking some time off to address a lingering neck injury, but promised to return to CCW if at all possible. Smart wished Barbwire well, but not without delivering a low blow and demanding that Barbwire return so that he could finish him off once and for all.
  • Hollis Giroux (w/ Jeff O’Dell) def. Hernandez via pinfall at 11:54.
    After the match, Hernandez asked Giroux to shake his hand. When Giroux refused, Hernandez delivered a Border Toss to Giroux, to the delight of the CCW fans.
  • Ring announcer Seanán Young came to the ring to deliver a special announcement, but was interrupted by Austin Lane. Lane claimed he is the reason people even come to CCW shows, that he made Marko Stunt, and that the only reason he lost to Stunt at the Ashlynn McClure Memorial was because the bell rang early and he wasn’t ready. Lane said Stunt is nothing without him, and that he would end Stunt, end Jacksyn Crowley, and reclaim the CCW Championship.
  • After Lane returned to the dressing room area, “Farmer” Billy Hills and Joey O’Riley exploded into the entryway, with Hills knocking O’Riley through the curtain and down the ramp. They brawled around the ring before their match started.
  • Joey O’Riley def. “Farmer” Billy Hills via pinfall at 7:15.
    During the match, Jeff O’Dell came to ringside and distracted referee Kelly Blankenship. Pure Openweight World Champion Matheus then came to the ring behind Blankenship’s back and nailed Hills in the back of the head, allowing O’Riley to score the win.
  • The special announcement that was earlier interrupted by Austin Lane was officially made by CCW General Manager Lane Austin: Marko Stunt will face P.C.O. at CCW Best of the Best 3 on September 29.
  • Billy Hills then came to the ring and physically demanded a tag team match featuring himself and a partner of his choosing against Matheus and Joey O’Riley. Austin made the match, but warned Hills that if he ever touches him like that again, he’ll be fired.
  • Next, Jeff O’Dell came to the ring to praise Hollis Giroux’s recent victories over Jake Dirden and Hernandez, but that Austin wouldn’t be able to derail Giroux’s winning streak next month, as he was on his way to the hospital with a possible cracked rib and cracked sternum and would be out of action.
  • Ladder Match for the CCW Championship
    Marko Stunt (C) def. Jacksyn Crowley and “Best of the Best” Austin Lane by retrieving the CCW Championship belt at 29:19.
    During the match, as Crowley was about the retrieve the title, the lights went out, and a cloaked figure in a pig mask beckoned Crowley off the ladder. The lights went out again, and when they came back on, the cloaked figure was gone, and Brandon Espinosa stood behind Crowley. Espinosa spit mist in Crowley’s face and suplexed him before leaving ringside.
    Lane then appeared to have the match won. He climbed the ladder to grab the title, but as he was struggling to detach it, Stunt jumped across the ring from the top turnbuckle and grabbed the title out of Lane’s hands to win the match.
    After the match, Lane had an altercation with Dalton Anthony, a fan sitting in the front row. The two exchanged insults, and Lane slapped Anthony in the face before being pulled away and forced to the back by referees and security.
  • Jeff O’Dell, Matheus, and Joey O’Riley came to the ring and offered to wrestle Billy Hills and his tag team partner. Hills came to ringside and said he was going to make them wait, but that he wouldn’t make them wait to find out who his tag team partner would be: Shawn Hoodrich! Hoodrich came to ringside and slid his snake into the ring, driving the Pinnacle out. Hoodrich promised that he and Hills would knock the Pinnacle off the top next month.