CCW Inferno 2020 Promo Graphic

August 15, 2020
A.C. Brase Arena
Cape Girardeau, Mo


  • KLD def. “The Chosen 1” Zay Washington via pinfall at 9:25.
  • CCW Pure Openweight Championship
    Hollis Giroux def. Brandon Barbwire via pinfall at 8:53 to win the vacant CCW Pure Openweight Championship.
    After the match, Jeff O’Dell and Billy Hills came to the ring, where O’Dell presented Giroux with the Pure Openweight Championship belt. O’Dell tried to convince Barbwire to rejoin The Pinnacle, promising that he can make him CCW Heavyweight Champion again. Barbwire agreed to join, but promised that if O’Dell couldn’t pay this debt, Barbwire would get his due.
  • The Mega Brothers and “The Realest” Calvin Aldridge def. K.C.’s Finest and The Infinite via pinfall at 9:45 in a 6-man tag team match.
    After the match, K.C.’s Finest left the Infinite laying in the ring after The Infinite demonstrated poor teamwork.
  • Mike Outlaw def. Joey O’Riley via pinfall at 10:03.
    During the match, The Pinnacle came to ringside and distracted referee Lane Austin long enough for Barbwire to attack O’Riley, giving Outlaw an opening to roll up O’Riley for the win.
    After the match, The Pinnacle beat down O’Riley. Hills and Giroux held O’Riley so Barbwire could hit him with a box of Lucky Charms. Outlaw returned to the ring with a steel chair to save O’Riley, and O’Riley blasted Giroux with the Lucky Charms.
  • Lil’ Bit and CCW Women’s Champion Mel def. J.J. Walker and “Trending” Trent Daniels via pinfall at 13:14 in an intergender tag team match.
  • CCW Tag Team Championship
    Justin “The Juice” Smart (C) def. The King’s Court via pinfall at 7:30 in a handicap match to retain the Championship.
    Before the match, Smart announced his tag team partner, Donny Sixx, was unable to perform, so he would be defending the Tag Team Championship himself.
    During the match, Billy Hills was seen in the entryway on his phone, talking to Addison Caine on his phone. The two met on the ramp and, despite Caine’s pleas that he couldn’t talk now, Hills led him to the back, leaving Gage Roberts to face Smart on his own. Roberts, distracted by all of this, turned around and walked into a Blockbuster by Smart for the win.
  • Walker Hayes and Logan Stunt def. The Crowleys via pinfall at 8:22.
    During the match, a pig-masked man jumped the rail to confront Jacksyn Crowley. The man unmasked, revealing himself to be Cash Borden. Borden attacked Jacksyn with a double-underhook DDT and pulled Stunt on top, but Stunt couldn’t put him away. A shaky Jacksyn gave stunt the double-birds, and an additional superkick from Stunt finished off Jacksyn.
    After the match, Borden, Hayes, and Stunt beat down the Crowleys.