November 25, 2017
Delta Community Center
Delta, Mo

  • Triple Threat Match for a Special Opportunity from the General Manager
    Mikey McFinnegan def. Brandon “Espy” Espinosa and Matheus (w/ Jeff O’Dell and Hollis Giroux) via pinfall at 8:47.
    Before the match, referee Lane Austin ejected Hollis Giroux from ringside.
    During the match, Matheus appeared to be injured on the floor at ringside. CCW General Manager Osby Tomlin, R.V., and referee Kelly Blankenship came to ringside to check on Matheus along with Lane Austin and O’Dell. During the confusion at ringside, Tomlin entered the ring and hit Espinosa and McFinnegan with a lariat, knocking them both to the mat. McFinnegan landed on top of Espinosa for the 3-count.
    After the match, Matheus attempted to attack Espinosa and McFinnegan, but they worked together to drive him off. Espinosa raised McFinnegan’s hand.
  • Blaster def. Hollis Giroux (w/ Jeff O’Dell) via pinfall at 9:28 in a grudge match.
    Giroux attacked Blaster at ringside during Blaster’s entrance.
    During the match, Giroux hit Blaster with the Giroux-Home Driver, but instead of pinning Blaster, Giroux pulled him up and hit him with a second Giroux-Home Driver. Referee Kelly Blankenship counted the pinfall, but immediately reversed the call, indicating that Blaster’s foot was on the rope. After the match was restarted, Giroux attempted a third Giroux-Home Driver, but Blaster reversed the move into a bridging suplex for the 3-count.
  • CCW Women’s Championship
    Little Bit def. Nikki Lane (C) (w/ Jeff O’Dell and Marko) via pinfall at 5:45 to become the new CCW Women’s Champion.
    Before the match, Jeff O’Dell aired his grievances concerning the end of the Giroux/Blaster match, and warned referee Kelly Blankenship not to cross the Pinnacle again. O’Dell went on to list all of the things he is thankful for, including Marko, who came to ringside.
    Marni Gras’s music played, but the lights came on and the music changed to Little Bit’s, and Little Bit appeared in the entryway. She addressed the crowd, indicating that Marni Gras couldn’t be there, but that she would be taking her place.
    After the match, O’Dell and Marko got back on the mic and complained about having to face Little Bit with no warning or time to prepare. Mikey McFinnegan interrupted and scolded Marko for keeping such poor company as O’Dell and the Pinnacle.
  • Grudge Match for the MWR Missouri Championship
    Otis Crowley (w/ Jacksyn Crowley) def. “The” Ace Hawkins (C) via countout at 15:54.
    Before the match, Hawkins praised his recent tour of the United Kingdom, lamented the elimination of his allies by the Crowleys, but assured the fans he would be victorious with or without them.
    During the match, Crowley delivered a neckbreaker to Hawkins on the floor. It appeared as if neither man would be able to answer the 10-count, but Jacksyn Crowley rolled Otis Crowley back into the ring just in time to beat the count.
  • CCW General Manager Osby Tomlin and Justin “The Juice” Smart (w/ R.V.) def. CCW Champion Austin Lane and Brandon Barbwire via pinfall at 17:09 in a tag team match.
    Smart attacked Lane and Barbwire before the bell.
    During the match, Smart attempted to use the CCW Championship belt as a weapon. Lane and Smart played tug-of-war with the belt, but when Lane pulled it away, he hit Barbwire in the head with it. Smart was able to use the distraction to get the pinfall victory on Lane.
    After the match, Barbwire and Lane had a heated dispute over the belt shot and whether or not it was an accident. Barbwire accused Lane of stabbing him in the back, while Lane said he didn’t need to stab Barbwire in the back because he wasn’t afraid of hitting him in his face.
  • “Sexy” Sarge O’Riley def. Van “The Man” Van Horn (w/ Jeff O’Dell) at 11:35 in a Fuzzies on a Pole match. O’Riley retrieved the fuzzies from the pole.
    After the match, Van Horn attacked O’Riley, and he and O’Dell stole both the fuzzies O’Riley was wearing, as well as the fuzzies he retrieved from the pole. O’Riley got on the mic and pleaded for one more match with Van Horn. CCW co-owner Jason Wells announced Caged Chaos 2 on January 27 at the A.C. Brase Arena in Cape Girardeau, where O’Riley would get a match with Van Horn inside a steel cage.