March 23, 2019
A.C. Brase Arena
Cape Girardeau, Mo

  • Joey O’Riley def. Dexter Roswell via pinfall at 9:41.
    After the match, O’Riley smashed Roswell in the face with a box of Lucky Charms, scattering cereal across the ring.
  • CCW Women’s Championship
    “The Little Blue Dragon” Seishin def. Mother Marni via disqualification at 5:52 to retain the Championship.
    During the match, “Mr. 100” Seanán Young came to ringside to encourage Mother Marni.
    Mother Marni brought a steel chair into the ring and wedged it in between the turnbuckles. While referee Kelly Blankenship was distracted by removing the chair from the ring, Mother Marni hit Seishin with the CCW Women’s Championship belt. Blankenship turned around just in time to see the act and called for the disqualification.
  • “Farmer” Billy Hills, Dalton Anthony, and Glacier def. House 100 (CCW Pure Openweight Champion Hollis Giroux, “The Nephilim” D’Mone Solavino, and Justin “The Juice” Smart) (w/ Seanán Young) via pinfall at 15:10 in a 6-man tag team grudge match.
  • After intermission, Seanán Young and Justin Smart called Dalton Anthony out to the ring. Young proposed a 6-man tag team match at CCW Supershow 3 on April 27 with a special stipulation: if House 100 wins, Anthony leaves CCW. If Anthony’s team wins, Young leaves CCW. Anthony instead proposed that if his team wins, he gets five minutes in the ring with Young. Young agrees and announces Smart and the L.A. Hustlers as his team, then derided Anthony for having no tag team partners of his own–Glacier won’t be back, and Billy Hills met an unfortunate accident in the parking lot.
    As Smart grabbed Anthony and held him from behind for Young to slap, Marko Stunt interrupted. He came to the ring and delivered a springboard Codebreaker to Smart off the ropes. Stunt got on the microphone and said how much he missed that. He is not cleared to wrestle, but said his leg was feeling mighty fine, so he would be Anthony’s partner. Stunt said he had another partner for Anthony, as well, and that the partner was “like a brother to him.”
  • #1 Contenders Match for the CCW Championship
    Jacksyn Crowley def. “The self-proclaimed MWR Missouri Champion,” Brandon “Espy” Espinosa via pinfall at 13:58.
    Dexter Roswell attacked Crowley from behind in the entryway before the match began. Roswell through Crowley into the ring where Espinosa delivered a brainbuster, but referee Kelly Blankenship ushering Roswell back up the entryway gave Crowley enough time to recover and kick out as the match officially began.
    During the match, Ace Hawkins interrupted with a video promo challenging Espinosa to an Iron Man match for the MWR Missouri Championship at Supershow 3 on April 27. The video distracted Espinosa long enough for Crowley to sneak up on him and finish him off for the win.
    After the match, Seanán Young and Jake Dirden rushed the ring. Dirden chokeslammed and speared Crowley to send a message before their April 27 match.
  • “Best of the Best” Austin Lane (w/ Seanán Young) def. Chris Slammer via pinfall at 4:57.
    Before the match, Lane claimed to be CCW’s savior and a wrestling machine, and issued an open challenge to anyone to prove that he is the Best of the Best. Slammer answered the challenge.
    During the match, Young distracted Slammer long enough for Lane to low-blow Slammer and Package Piledrive him for the win.
    After the match, Young and Lane put a baby mask on Slammer and called him Christopher Daniels. Lane demanded referee Jerry Looney restart the match, and Lane used the Package Piledriver on “Daniels” for a quick win. Lane got on the microphone and called out Daniels for Supershow 3 on April 27: Fallen Angel versus Best of the Best. Best moonsault ever versus the best piledriver ever.
  • CCW Tag Team Championship
    The Wise Church (C) (w/ acolyte-in-training) def. “The Southern Show Off” Jack Parker and Kenny Alfonso via pinfall at 8:55 to retain the Championship.
    SydSho of Beer:30 was unable to compete due to injury. Alfonso stepped in as his substitute.
    After the match, Reverend Antoine Wise boasted that The Wise Church came to CCW, won the Tag Team Championship their first night with the company, and has defeated all comers. He asked if there was anyone else left for them to beat, they needed to be told who it was. Jeff O’Dell came to the ring and congratulated The Wise Church on another successful title defense, and also congragulated them on their ability to bring people together to boo the bejeezus out of them. O’Dell also announced their opponents at CCW Supershow 3 on April 27: The Steiner Brothers!
  • CCW Championship
    “Dirdy” Jake Dirden (C) (w/ Seanán Young) def. Brian Pillman, Jr. via pinfall at 14:24 to retain the Championship.
    While Dirden distracted referee Kelly Blankenship by faking an eye injury, Young low-blowed Pillman while he was standing on the top rope. Dirden took advantage and choke-slammed Pillman for the win.