April 21, 2018
A.C. Brase Arena
Cape Girardeau, Mo

  • Seanán Young introduces the guest General Manager for Supershow 2, Adam “Hangman” Page. Page greeted the CCW fans and introduced Cape Girardeau native, Delirious. Delirious incoherently addressed the crowd to a big ovation.
  • Cape Girardeau Street Fight for the CCW Tag Team Championship
    Marko Stunt and Mikey def. The Pinnacle (C), represented by Hollis Giroux and D’Mone Solavino (w/ Jeff O’Dell and Bagboy Courtney), via pinfall at 11:34 to become the new CCW Tag Team Champions.
  • Fatal Four-Way Match to determine the number-one contenders to the CCW Tag Team Championship
    K.C.’s Finest def. the L.A. Hustlers, Barackus and Joey O’Riley, and The Crowleys via roll-up pinfall at 10:47.
  • “Sexy” Sarge O’Riley, Dan “The Beast” Severn, and “Farmer” Billy Hills def. The Pinnacle, represented by Matheus, Blaster, and Van “The Man” Van Horn (w/ Jeff O’Dell and Bagboy Courtney), via pinfall at 11:57 in a 6-man tag team match.
    Before the match, O’Riley introduced Hills as his mystery third man, to the shock and dismay of The Pinnacle. After the match, The Pinnacle blindsided the victors, and O’Riley and Severn were thrown from the ring. The Pinnacle continued to attack Hills until Sarah Summers came out and threw herself on Hills to protect him. Matheus grabbed Summers and threw her out of the ring. The beating on Hills continued until a returning Jake Dirden made the save.
    Later, Hills fired Courtney as his bagboy, but immediately re-hired him as his friend. Hills then fired Jeff O’Dell.
  • Fatal Four-Way Match for the CCW Women’s Championship
    “#Summertime” Sarah Summers def. Thunder Rosa, Marni Gras, and Diamond Doll (C) (w/ Jeff O’Dell) via submission at 11:16 to become the new CCW Women’s Champion. Diamond Doll submitted to a Figure Four Leg Lock applied by Summers.
    After the match, Marni Gras congratulated Summers, but then turned on her and laid her out in the ring.
  • Brandon “Espy” Espinosa and The Besties in the World def. The Administration, represented by CCW General Manager Osby Tomlin, Justin “The Juice” Smart, and Gary Jay (w/ R.V.) via pinfall at 12:56.
    Justin D’air was originally scheduled to compete as part of The Administration’s team, but was unable to come to terms with The Administration on a contract.
    After the match, per stipulation as a result of Espinosa’s victory, Hangman Page removed Tomlin as CCW General Manager. Page installed longtime CCW referee Lane Austin as the new GM. Austin thanked the crowd and let them know that he’s back.
  • Jacksyn Crowley def. “The” Ace Hawkins via pinfall at 25:38.
    After the match, Hawkins and Crowley shook hands and embraced, and Hawkins raised Crowley’s hand, putting their long feud to rest.
  • Brandon Barbwire def. Dell Tucker (w/ Jeff O’Dell) via pinfall at 15:58.
    Before the match, “Cowboy” James Storm was introduced as the special guest referee. Storm brought a bottle of beer with him to the ring.
    During the match, Jeff O’Dell jumped on the ring apron with Storm’s beer. Storm took the beer from O’Dell and took a drink, but then Tucker took the beer and poured it out on the floor. Storm spit his swig of beer in Tucker’s face, giving Barbwire an opportunity to hit a Uranage slam for the win.
    After the match, per stipulation, O’Dell’s head was shaved.
  • CCW Championship
    “Best of the Best” Austin Lane (C) def. “The Innovator of Violence” Tommy Dreamer via pinfall at 16:22.
    During the match, Dreamer DDTed Lane for an apparent 3-count, but referee Kelly Blankenship noticed that Lane’s foot was under the ropes, so the match was restarted. Lane won the match shortly thereafter by pinning Dreamer with his feet on the ropes.
    After the match, Dreamer praised the CCW fans, wrestlers, and organization.