April 27, 2019
A.C. Brase Arena
Cape Girardeau, Mo

  • Joey O’Riley def. Derrick “By God” King, Dexter Roswell, “The Nephilim” D’Mone Solavino (w/ “Mr. 100” Seanán Young), Gregory Iron, Mikey!, and Logan Stunt in a Scramble match at 5:24 when O’Riley pinned Solavino.
    Per stipulation, O’Riley won a contract for any CCW championship at any time.
    Before the match, Matt Striker appeared in the entryway and teased entering the Scramble match before putting over the next generation participating in the match and taking his position at the commentary table.
    After the match, Seanán Young shoved D’Mone Solavino down, fired him, and slapped him across the face. Young then bailed when Solavino turned to perhaps retaliate against him. Fans gave Solavino an ovation as he left ringside.
  • Last Man Standing Match for the MWR Missouri Championship
    “Blurryface” Ace Hawkins (C) def. Brandon “Espy” Espinosa at 16:50, retaining the championship when Espinosa could not answer the 10-count.
    A bevy of steel chairs were used throughout a back-and-forth match, culminating in Hawkins dropping Espinosa with a cutter onto a chair for the win.
  • SCU (Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky) def. The Besties in the World via pinfall at 11:26.
    After the match, SCU cut a promo on the importance and impact of tag team wrestling, and offered the Besties their respect.
  • A 10-bell salute was given in honor of Gateway Championship Wrestling promoter, Ben Oliver, who recently passed away.
  • Dalton Anthony, Marko Stunt, and Joey Ryan def. House 100 (Justin “The Juice” Smart and The L.A. Hustlers) (w/ Seanán Young) via pinfall at 10:52 in a 6-man tag team grudge match.
    Before the match, Stunt introduced Ryan as his team’s mystery partner, saying, “CCW is one of my homes. When I invite somebody into my home, I make sure I know them. I make sure they’re like a brother to me.”
    After the match, per stipulation, Anthony got five minutes alone in the ring with Young. CCW General Manager Jeff O’Dell came to ringside and informed everyone that in CCW, stipulations are honored, especially at Supershow. However, the match must be sanctioned, so O’Dell enlisted referee (and former CCW General Manager) Lane Austin as the official for the match. And, to prevent Young from running or House 100 from interfering, O’Dell enlisted Road Warrior Animal as special enforcer.
  • Dalton Anthony def. Seanán Young via pinfall at 3:17.
    During the match, Young attempted to put Anthony through a table in the corner, but Anthony reversed the whip and put Young through the table.
    After the match, D’Mone Solavino came to the ring, helped Young up, and FU’d him. Solavino put on his wings and dropped a fist on Young from the top rope. Finally, at the crowd’s insistent chants of “take his shoes,” Anthony and Solavino double-low-blowed Young, then took his shoes.
  • CCW Pure Openweight Championship
    “Farmer” Billy Hills def. Hollis Giroux (C) via disqualification at 9:15 when Giroux low-blowed Hills. Giroux retained the championship.
  • CCW Tag Team Championship
    The Steiner Brothers def. The Wise Church (C) via disqualification at 8:17 when The Reverend Antoine Wise attempted to use a steel chair as a weapon. The Wise Church retained the championship.
    After the match, the Steiners attacked the Church with chairs before leaving ringside in a rage. Joey O’Riley then ran to ringside and cashed in his Scramble contract for a CCW Tag Team Championship match. O’Riley revealed his tag team partner: a returning Brandon Barbwire.
  • CCW Tag Team Championship
    Joey O’Riley and Brandon Barbwire def. The Wise Church (C) via pinfall at 0:16 to become the new champions.
  • Title for Title: CCW Women’s Championship and Women of Honor World Championship
    Women of Honor World Champion “The Gatekeeper” Kelly Klein and CCW Women’s Champion “The Little Blue Dragon” Seishin ended in a double countout at 9:00.
    Before the match, Klein told Seishin that she heard she is a fighting champion. Klein admitted to being a fighting champion, herself, and proved it by putting her WoH World Championship on the line.
  • “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels def. “Best of the Best” Austin Lane via pinfall at 19:50.
    During the match, The L.A. Hustlers attempted to interfere on Lane’s behalf, but were driven off by Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky. Later, Hollis Giroux also attempted to interfere on Lane’s behalf, but was stopped by Billy Hills when Hills threw Giroux headfirst into the ring post. Daniels followed up the confusion with the World’s Greatest Moonsault on Lane to score the win.
  • Jeff O’Dell announced that House 100 was barred from ringside during the main event, and any member of House 100 who attempted to interfere would be suspended for 30 days.
  • CCW Championship
    Jackson Crowley def. “Dirdy” Jake Dirden (C) via pinfall at 16:11 to become the new CCW Champion.