May 20, 2017 Lawless Harley Davidson Scott City, Mo

  • MWR Missouri Championship: Brandon “Espy” Espinosa (C) def. Barackus via submission at 13:27.
  • The L.A. Hustlers def. K.C.’s Finest in a tag team match via pinfall at 7:40.
  • Little Bit and Syn def. “Sweet” Sarah Summers and El Campeón (w/ Jeff O’Dell) in an intergender tag team match via submission at 12:56.
  • The Lawless Outlaw def. J.D. Wilk via pinfall at 8:07. After the match, The Lawless Outlaw unmasked, revealing himself to be Jason Vaughn. CCW General Manager Osby Tomlin came to ringside and gave Vaughn an open invitation to CCW Inferno on June 24. Vaughn also publicly made a $500 donation to St. Jude in memory of Ashlynn McClure.
  • Pistol Danger and Davey Vega def. “The” Ace Hawkins and “The” Cody Wilson in a tag team match via pinfall at 12:58. After the match, Hawkins attacked Wilson after the team had several miscommunications during the match. Syn came to the ring to drive off Hawkins and make the save for Wilson.
  • CCW Tag Team Championship “Sexy” Sarge O’Riley and The Blaster (C) (w/ Tracy Smothers) def. “Farmer” Billy Hills and Dell Tucker (w/ Jeff O’Dell) via pinfall at 14:17. During the match, Jeff O’Dell was ejected from ringside. As the referee shepherded O’Dell to the back, Brandon Barbwire snuck to ringside and hit Hills with an enzuigiri in the corner to help O’Riley and Blaster win. After the match, Blaster’s mask was auctioned off to benefit St. Jude in memory of Ashlynn McClure.
  • Canadian Unified Junior Heavyweight Championship Tony Kozina (C) def. Justin D’Air via pinfall at 15:28.
  • CCW Championship Hollis Giroux (C) (w/ Jeff O’Dell) def. Brandon Barbwire via pinfall at 10:57. During the match, Jeff O’Dell tried to interfere in the match, but fell off the ring apron and appeared to injure himself, and was helped to the back by the referee and a CCW official. While the referee was preoccupied, a masked man jumped the guardrail and hit Barbwire with a choking sit-out powerbomb to help Giroux retain the championship. The masked man unmasked, revealing himself to be Matheus. O’Dell returned to ringside unharmed–the injury was fake. After the match, Giroux cut a promo expressing his frustration with Barbwire and the CCW fans, then attempted to smash Barbwire’s head between two steel chairs, in an act of revenge for when Barbwire smashed Giroux’s head with the steel cage door at CCW Caged Chaos on January 28. Brandon Espinosa came to ringside and made the save, then challenged Giroux to a CCW Championship match at CCW Inferno on June 24.