May 19, 2018
Delta Community Center
Delta, Mo

  • New CCW General Manager Lane Austin introduced the Ashlynn McClure Memorial Tournament and Cup.
  • Matheus and Jeff O’Dell came to the ring. O’Dell tore down the current CCW champions and claimed that the CCW Championship Committee won’t grant any more title opportunities to The Pinnacle for the foreseeable future. O’Dell said The Pinnacle is bigger than CCW, and reached out to the United States Wrestling League for a title opportunity. The USWL granted Matheus a title shot against their champion, Sniper.

United States Wrestling League Championship

  • Matheus (w/ Jeff O’Dell) def. Sniper (C) via submission at 0:32 to become the new USWL Champion.
    After the match, Matheus rebranded the USWL Championship as the Pure Openweight World Championship. These title matches can be won via pinfall, submission, or knockout, and allow for a 20-count on the outside and closed fist strikes.

Ashlynn McClure Memorial Cup Tournament – First Round

  • Jacksyn Crowley def. Hollis Giroux (w/ Jeff O’Dell) via pinfall at 9:50.
    After the match, Giroux attacked and laid out Crowley.
  • Marko Stunt def. CCW Champion Austin Lane via pinfall at 0:07.
    Before the match, Stunt dove through the ropes onto Lane, who was still on the floor. Stunt rolled Lane into the ring and landed a 450˚ splash for the surprise early win.
    After the match, Lane viciously attacked Stunt, including using a package piledriver on the concrete floor. GM Lane Austin and CCW staff backed Lane off and helped Stunt to the back.
  • Brandon Barbwire def. Justin “The Juice” Smart via pinfall at 8:14.
    During the match, a man dressed as a slice of pizza came to ringside and threw Smart’s Smartwater in his face, giving Barbwire an opening to hit a uranage slam for the win.
    After the match, Smart attacked the pizza man and tore the suit off, revealing him to be former Administration lackey, R.V. Smart continued to attack R.V. until Barbwire made the save.
  • “Farmer” Billy Hills (w/ Courtney) vs. Dell Tucker (w/ Jeff O’Dell) ended in a double disqualification at 9:50. Referee Kelly Blankenship threw the match out when he was unable to stop Hills and Tucker from brawling uncontrollably.
    After the match, Giroux and Matheus came to the ring to make it a 3-on-1 attack on Hills. GM Lane Austin came to the ring to break up the attack and announced Dell Tucker and Hollis Giroux versus Billy Hills and Jake Dirden for CCW Inferno 2 on June 30 in Cape Girardeau. Austin also announced Matheus would defend his Pure Openweight World Championship at Inferno 2 against a man of Austin’s choice. Hills threatened to add two more notches to Georgia: one for Tucker, and one for Giroux.

Grudge Match

  • “Sexy” Sarge O’Riley def. Blaster (w/ Jeff O’Dell) via disqualification at 7:03.
    During the match, Jeff O’Dell slipped a chain to Blaster. Blaster concealed the chain in his mask and delivered a series of headbutts to O’Riley for an apparent pinfall victory. However, after the match, O’Riley pulled Blaster’s mask off, revealing the chain. Referee Kelly Blankenship reversed the decision. O’Riley also pulled off O’Dell’s wig, and helped auction off both the wig and Blaster’s mask to raise money for St. Jude.

Ashlynn McClure Memorial Cup Tournament – Semi-finals

  • Jacksyn Crowley received a bye to the Tournament Final due to the double-disqualification of Billy Hills and Dell Tucker.
  • Marko Stunt def. Brandon Barbwire via pinfall at 2:49.
    Stunt wrestled the match, despite protests from GM Lane Austin and Barbwire, both of whom were concerned for Stunt’s health. Stunt caught Barbwire in a small package for another quick win. A shocked Barbwire shook Stunt’s hand and left the ring in amused disbelief.

CCW Women’s Championship

  • “#Summertime” Sarah Summers (C) def. Marni Gras via pinfall at 5:13.

Ashlynn McClure Memorial Cup Tournament – Final

  • Jacksyn Crowley def. Marko Stunt via pinfall at 15:00.
    After the match, Crowley was awarded the Ashlynn McClure Memorial Cup. GM Lane Austin also announced a Triple Threat match for the CCW Championship at Inferno 2 on June 30: Austin Lane vs. Jacksyn Crowley vs. Marko Stunt.