November 30, 2019
Delta Community Center
Delta, Mo

  • CCW General Manager Jeff O’Dell introduced the show and told the fans he’d promised an open forum to a man with some things to get off his chest: “Best of the Best” Austin Lane.
  • Austin Lane came to the ring and announced his retirement from wrestling. But, before he could finish, CCW Pure Openweight Champion Brandon Barbwire came the ring and pleaded with Lane for one more night. Lane agreed to team with Barbwire for a shot at the Ashlynn McClure Memorial Cup.
  • Lethal Lottery Tag Team Match – Winners Advance to the Ashlynn McClure Memorial Cup Elimination Match
    Hollis Giroux and “The Realist” Calvin Aldridge def. Aaron Clay and Venom via pinfall at 14:01.
  • Lethal Lottery Tag Team Match
    Jacksyn Crowley and Joey O’Riley def. “The Aerial Genius” J.J. Walker and “The Chosen One” Zay Washington via pinfall at 10:18.
  • Lethal Lottery Triple Threat Tag Team Match
    Austin Lane and Brandon Barbwire def. Justin “The Juice” Smart and The Infinite and “Dangerous” Donny Sixx and Dexter via pinfall at 10:11.
    Justin Smart walked out on The Infinite during the match.
  • Triple Threat Match for the CCW Tag Team Championship
    The L.A. Hustlers (C) (w/ “Mr. 100” Seanán Young) def. The Mega Brothers (w/ Miss Myca) and Addison Caine via pinfall at 13:44 to retain the championship.
    Caine competed alone due to his King’s Court partner, Gage Roberts, being unable to compete due to illness.
    During the match, Dalton Anthony inadvertently knocked Miss Myca from the ring apron. Chris Slammer helped her to the back as the rest of the match unfolded.
    Later, Caine tried to hit Bradley Diggs with a steel chair, but Diggs ducked and Anthony was struck, instead. Diggs threw Caine from the ring and pinned Anthony for the win.
    After the match, Justin Smart and Donny Sixx came to the ring, apparently to celebrate with the Hustlers, but instead turned on them, beat them down, and threw them out of the ring. Smart and Sixx have made amends and reunited as a tag team, and claimed the Tag Team Championship would soon be theirs.
  • CCW Women’s Championship
    “Trending” Trent Daniels (C) def. Camron Bra’nae via pinfall at 6:26 to retain the championship.
    Daniels rolled up Bra’nae and held her tights for the win.
  • Street Fight for the CCW Championship
    Otis Crowley (C) (w/ Seanán Young) def. “The Undead Outlaw” Cash Borden via pinfall at 13:04 to retain the championship.
    Borden appeared to have the match won at 12:07, but video evidence proved Crowley’s right shoulder was up. Referee Jerry Looney and Jeff O’Dell conferred, and the match was restarted.
  • 6-Way Elimination Match for the Ashlynn McClure Memorial Cup
    Hollis Giroux def. Joey O’Riley, Jacksyn Crowley, Brandon Barbwire, Calvin Aldridge, and Austin Lane (w/ Seanán Young) at 15:29 to win the Ashlynn McClure Memorial Cup.
    Order of Eliminations:
    7:30 – Crowley eliminated by Aldridge on distraction by Young
    8:16 – Aldridge eliminated by Lane
    11:59 – Barbwire eliminated by Giroux
    12:13 – O’Riley eliminated by Lane
    15:29 – Lane eliminated by Giroux after attack by Barbwire
    After Barbwire was eliminated, he stayed at ringside to cheer on Lane. Later in the match, Giroux threatened to hit Lane with the CCW Pure Openweight Championship belt, but Barbwire pulled it away from him. Barbwire then low-blowed Lane and uranaged him, giving the win to Giroux.
    After the match, Barbwire got on the microphone and in Lane’s face, informing him that he can’t retire until Barbwire says so—they have unfinished business. Barbwire gave Lane another Uranage before leaving the ring.
  • Jason Wells presented Hollis Giroux with the Ashlynn McClure Memorial Cup, but Giroux threw it on the ground and told Wells it doesn’t mean anything to him. Giroux then grabbed Wells by the collar and threatened to attack him, but Marko Stunt made the save. They drove off Giroux, and Wells gave the Cup to Stunt, instead.